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Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 9/19/2014 (AFI Halloween Edition)


This week’s playlist is a special one, as it’s the first playlist of the Halloween season, and while there are many more coming down the pipe, I wanted to start off with some authentic and energetic horror music. With this in mind, I’ve combed through AFI’s albums, and have picked out what I consider to be the best examples of horror music as performed by Davey Havok and company. They’ve got a bizzaro passion for this kind of stuff, but whereas the Misfits were cheesier (in a good way) and more early punk sounding, AFI brought the mid-nineties west coast punk/hardcore sound with a much more serious concept lyrically.

For a while at least, then the Misfits influence started to pass, and The Cure started working their way in more and more, while more modern group sounds started blending in, as well. But even on their latest albumĀ Burials, there are plenty of dark, brooding, and Halloween sounding songs throughout.

This playlist is a focus on AFI, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy this to kick off your Halloween season.


Weekly Spotify Playlist – AFI Edition (1/21/2014)

This week, I will finally get the chance to AFI (one of my favorite bands as of late, but we’ll get to that in another post) live. Saturday I will be seeing them at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN. So, in honor of this, I decided to make this week’s Spotify playlist AFI-centric. It’s not necessarily my favorite songs or anything like that, but it’s a playlist of songs I think will most likely be featured in their setlist (with the exception of “Fall Children” and “Strength Through Wounding,” although they did open with it on one of their October dates).

Anyway, I’m excited, and I wanted to share my excitement with you. Enjoy!