Bucket List: Bands I Must See

blmfI’ve got a lot of live events and concerts under my belt, but some have outright escaped me for a variety of reasons. I’m mostly lucky in my concert going experience and I truly can’t think of an all around terrible experience I’ve had at a concert. Even if it started poorly, most of the time I’ve escaped with a pretty much amazing experience. But there are some bands that I’ve never gotten the chance to see that I’ve always wanted to feel the experience of seeing those artists live.

Listed below are the bands and artists that I must see before it’s all over. (more…)


Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 3/21/2014 (RAF Edition)

Weekly Spotify PlaylistThere is no real theme to this week’s Spotify playlist by any means, other than the fact that’s it is made up of songs that I like. Honestly, the inspiration for this week was going to Spotify, thinking of song, and adding it to the playlist. This week is Random As… or at the very least, stream of consciousness.

Anyway, I love or like these songs a lot right now, and I hope you do, too!

As always, featured artists are after the break!


Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 2/5/2014 (H2O’s Don’t Forget Your Roots Originals Edition)

Weekly Spotify PlaylistAs should be noticed by anyone that pays any attention to me, I’ve been listening to a lot of H2O recently as it speaks to me on a very deep level. The band has helped me reevaluate my life and give me some direction and inspiration. Love that band.

I’ve been listening to Don’t Forget Your Roots a lot this past week, so I figured why not make a playlist of the original tracks for the album for this week’s Spotify Playlist? Unfortunately though, I couldn’t find the Verbal Assault and Warzone tracks in Spotify’s library, so they couldn’t make the cut.

Anyway, even without those last two tracks, I hope you enjoy this look at a lot of different bands that inspired one of my favorite bands, H2O.

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Weekly #Spotify Playlist (BONUS!) – 2/26/2014 (#morningmix)

wspmorningmixThis morning, I drank a bunch of Strange Brew Coffeehouse Blueberry Cobbler coffee (which you can buy here – it’s delicious, by the way), I put my iPhone on shuffle, then I used Soundtracking to post every song I listened to. It was intense, and I’m sure, annoying to most of my social media followers. Either way, it set me in a great mood, so I decided to document it with another Spotify playlist.

Drink some coffee and enjoy this playlist!

As usual, featured artists are after the jump! (more…)

Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 2/25/2014 (HFCMEGAMIX Edition)

Weekly Spotify PlaylistThis one is going to be a little different. Not so much albums, as much as it’s just songs that I like a lot. This playlist originated with me taking out CDs and putting in other CDs when I was driving last night and today. Party.

Featured artists after the jump!


Weekly Spotify Playlist – Junior High Edition (1/29/2014)

First and foremost, I have no idea what other people were listening to when I was in junior high. It should be noted that I felt very different than my peers at the time, and going back to make this playlist, I can clearly see a huge reason why that might have been. Most of these songs are completely out of the norm, which, in retrospect, which makes sense and is pretty freaking hilarious. It might seem as though I made a lot of this up, but I tried to make this as accurate as I can remember.

This playlist represents a time in my life when I was approximately in the sixth grade until the ninth grade which was roughly 1995-1999, but I think I’m including some later stuff. The music here was a huge inspiration on who I am currently. If you’ve met me, or are somewhat familiar with my general tastes, this should make a whole lot of sense. Enjoy!

Davey Havok + Rancid: “Radio”

“Radio” is my favorite Rancid song. By far. When I was watching the Give ‘Em The Boot DVD that I bought post-Christmas this year (I know, what took so long? Right?), and at the very end, I was really surprised because when Rancid started playing Radio, another one of my favorites, Davey Havok, walked on stage and started singing my favorite Rancid. Super rad. If you haven’t seen Give ‘Em The Boot, buy it because it’s totally awesome.