Come See The Horror Show(s)!

Horror showsWe all love Netflix. It’s cheap and easy. It’s much less than the average person’s coffee budget (I think?), and it offers hours upon hours of programming for those seeking entertainment, or just a way to kill a few hours. Well, it’s Halloween season, obviously, and we have to keep a look out on horror. It’s hard to narrow down what to watch during this time period, but never fear! Netflix and I have got you covered. And with this entry, we look at television. Oh child! This will keep you busy!

Horror Shows On Netflix (more…)


The Wolf Lives… On Netflix

werewolves and stuffI’ve kind of been obsessing over werewolves over the past however long, but quite honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to werewolf stories on film. What’s really tickled my fancy have been stories from folklore from the likes of Native Americans, Norse mythology, etc. The stories rooted in truth are what really get me to start thinking.

But the other day, I was browsing Netflix, and I just got the hair to check out what movies they have on werewolves. So, I decided to throw a little list together in honor of the impending All Hallow’s Eve, as well as just to make a reference point for the wolf movies I want to watch in the coming weeks. (Note: I haven’t watched but a couple of episodes of the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove, but it appears to be wolf-centric as well.) So, join me in the Wolf Den, and let’s see what there is to see!


Facebook ’15 Albums’ Challenge (61 Edition)

A friend posed a challenge to myself and others on Facebook over the past few days about which albums that have stuck with you over the years. I took this to mean albums that you go back to over and over again that never seem to wear on you or get old. Originally, the list was supposed to consist of only 12 entries, but since I’m a rebel, I went ahead and made it 15.

The albums keep pouring out. I’m a big album guy, so it wasn’t hard to come up with 12, 15, 20, 30 albums (I ended up with 61). It’s crazy, and there wasn’t enough space to excuse me keeping on adding albums and taking up more and more space on people’s feeds. So, I’m going to do that here, instead.


Favorite Songs: Coheed and Cambria

coheed_and_cambria_the_second_stage_turbine_blade_2005_retail_cd-frontIf you are a regular reader of this here blog, you should know two or three things about me:

1. I don’t post enough.

2. I’m a comic book reader.

3. I LOVE music.

This is a post about the third item there. One of my favorite bands of all time is Coheed and Cambria. Their music speaks to me in a way that none other ever has, but it goes on beyond that. Coheed’s music has been a defining point in my life with my wife. We’ve been to several shows together, we’ve had amazing experiences in our journeys to see their shows, and different albums of their’s usually mark specific times in our life together. This band is more than just a band to me, but that doesn’t mask the cold, hard fact that they have some really cool freaking songs.

Listed below are several of my favorites from each of their albums, including lead singer Claudio Sanchez’s side project, The Prize Fighter Inferno.


Summer Watch List: 3 Shows To Marathon

TV Watch ListHey everybody, I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here, but considering my record three posts from last year, I’m doing pretty okay in that department. There a lot of things I want to discuss in the coming days, weeks, and months, but one thing that has been on my mind for the past month or so is television. I’m not one to really keep up with television on a weekly basis with the exception of professional wrestling, so services like Netflix and Hulu+ really come in handy when I want to give in and watch some televised programs. One thing that goes along with these services is the marathoning phenomenon.

Marathoning has pretty much been a thing since TV on DVD became a thing, and some of the shows that really seemed to fit well for that lifestyle for me were shows like HeroesCSI, and Smallville. I watched all of those shows on DVD until I caught up with the series as it was airing, and the only one I stuck through the whole way was Smallville considering I developed a closeness with a community of watchers/lovers/obsessers and I befriended one of the writers, who is currently writing the Smallville Season 11 comic, if you are so inclined to check that out, which you absolutely should. It’s currently the only Superman related comic that I care about. But I digress. Marathoning television shows works so incredibly well for a lot of shows, and it’s a great way to kill some time in the evening before you start going to bed, and it’s even a great way to get yourself relaxed while you are actually in the bed and ready to fall asleep. Certain shows can be absolutely addictive, and today I’m going to discuss some of the shows that I love and that I am currently or have previously marathoned in the past few years. All of these shows are on Netlfix, so if you’ve got that service or can use someone else’s account, you’re good to go. So, in the immortal words of P!nk, let’s get this party started. (more…)