Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 9/19/2014 (AFI Halloween Edition)


This week’s playlist is a special one, as it’s the first playlist of the Halloween season, and while there are many more coming down the pipe, I wanted to start off with some authentic and energetic horror music. With this in mind, I’ve combed through AFI’s albums, and have picked out what I consider to be the best examples of horror music as performed by Davey Havok and company. They’ve got a bizzaro passion for this kind of stuff, but whereas the Misfits were cheesier (in a good way) and more early punk sounding, AFI brought the mid-nineties west coast punk/hardcore sound with a much more serious concept lyrically.

For a while at least, then the Misfits influence started to pass, and The Cure started working their way in more and more, while more modern group sounds started blending in, as well. But even on their latest album Burials, there are plenty of dark, brooding, and Halloween sounding songs throughout.

This playlist is a focus on AFI, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy this to kick off your Halloween season.


The Season of the Pumpkin Has Arrived! + Ginger Snaps

Rejoice! Rejoice! The pumpkin is here! In my world, the Halloween season has officially started as of September 17. So, as per usual, I’ll be attempting to making this site a Halloween Wonderland. I’m looking to bring back the cheap DIY yard decorations this year, as well as plenty of other goodies including the Morning Movie/Movie of the Day deal that I had going last year, so make sure to follow all of my social media sites (namely Facebook and Instagram, really) for all of the smaller things like pictures and songs and such.

Anyway, let’s start this off right with the Movie of the Day, Ginger Snaps!

Ginger Snaps

I’ve never seen this movie, but apparently it has werewolves in it, so I plan on watching it tonight. It looks like a teen movie, and it’s probably pretty terrible (that tag line is hilariously awful), but who cares? Werewolves are cool, and this should be an easy, fun way to start the season off right. This movie is available on Hulu+, so add it to your queue today! (more…)

Halloween How-To: Creepy Glow Lighting

Halloween LightsOne of the most critical parts of your yard decorations for Halloween is the lighting. In the past, I’ve been one to take string lights and wrap them around my porch to illuminate my house in orange for the Halloween season. This year, I decided to take things into a little bit of a different, pardon the pun, light.

I’ve recently gotten into an eerier sense of Halloween celebration, so I wanted to replicate that inspiration with my home’s lighting. I wanted a sense of glowing creepy atmosphere, so I experimented a little bit, and I’ve found a way to pull this off.


Morning Movie: Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn

I know I didn’t post a movie of the day yesterday, so if you choose, you can file this as yesterday’s post. Anyway, Children of the Corn is movie that stands out amongst other horror movies. Based off Stephen King’s short story, this film lays besides King’s other standouts in the themes that he does so well: children, religion, and supernatural elements. (more…)

Halloween CD (Punk Version): Track Listing

Halloween III

I know that I’ve already posted a Spotify playlist for your punk rock listening enjoyment, but I also want to provide you with a punk rock CD that I’ve just burned. It clocks in at 31 tracks and just under an hour and 20 minutes, so if you want to make your own, which I highly encourage, this is my version which can provide you with some inspiration. Obviously, there are a lot of Misfits songs, and there’s not as much psychobilly as I would like, but I can’t have everything because I buy music. But trust that I’m working on it.

Want the track listing? Keep reading! (more…)

Movie of the Day: The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies bar none. As mentioned in an earlier post, I watch this movie and Fright Night every year to kick off the Halloween season. As with Fright Night it’s a perfect blend of legitimately scary moments, brilliant one-liners, and a great sense of humor.

I assume you’ve seen this movie, but you should definitely add this to your Fright Fest movie watch, and here’s why… (more…)

Music Video of the Day: The Wolfgangs – “Cannibal Family”

Honestly, I had never heard of this band until just now, but you know what? It’s a psychobilly group with a rockin’ lady singer, and that’s right up my alley! So, it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to this awesome German (I think?) group, The Wolfgangs!

Off of their 2011 album Shout With the Devil, I hope you enjoy  “Cannibal Family” as much as I did. Also, make sure to Like their Facebook page if you’re into it.