#Bingeworthy: Parks and Recreation

In 2015, any person under a certain age with an internet connection and a subscription service has succumbed to the Binge Watch. You know the drill, you either have a couple of days off work, or you stay up at night and watch several episodes of a television show on Netflix or Hulu, and you can’t stop until you’ve finished the series. My wife and I are no different in this aspect. We start a show, and we keep going and going and going. Bingeworthy is a feature on this site dedicated to those shows. Parks and Recreation is one of those shows. It’s completely hilarious, light, and fun, but it’s best feature is its character work and heart. (more…)


The Punk Singer Was Good – You Should Watch It

1382955_638862972801340_1440021292_nIf you didn’t already know, I love punk rock. Any of the bigger, more influential punk artists from the lifespan of punk, especially if politically motivated, are at the top of my list of artists to seek out and explore. From my experience as a youth until today, I’ve been acutely aware of Kathleen Hanna, the Riot Grrrl movement, and Bikini Kill as a band.

Recently I’ve been seeking out Kathleen Hanna’s projects, oddly enough because I took a “What Punk Icon Are You?” quiz, and I got Hanna, which is crazy because A.) I’m a guy, and that’s pretty much it. I’ve always enjoyed Bikini Kill’s music, but I never really delved into it, and this quiz, as hilarious as it is, has sent me down a rabbit hole to explore all of her work.

Anyway, as an icon, she’s very intriguing, and as an artist, she’s a blast to listen to due to her unapologetic political agenda, mainly driven by feminism, and her absolutely raw and intense voice. As I was combing through Netflix yesterday, I was checking “Recently Added” and I came across The Punk SingerA Film About Kathleen Hanna, and I liked what I saw.