Hi all,

In addition to being a music fan/snob, former record label employee, character in a comic book, and consumer of arts, I’m also a seasoned podcaster! I’ve done several, and I’ve been out of the game for a while, but I’m getting back into it!

I’ll be posting new episodes and guest appearances here, also. So check it out!


Let’s Talk Jackson: Beau York and myself have started a hyper local podcast focusing on several aspects of local Jackson culture including, but not limited to, music, arts, social issues, and business owners. The show has already gathered a bit of attention in the area, and is one of the more ambitious and exciting projects on which I’ve worked. Check out the episodes here.

Gotham Placeholder

Gotham Podcast: Justin and I are returning to the show that made us who we are! Whereas before we were discussing comic books, we’ll now be talking about the television show, and there are already a series of “Behind The Music” style episodes featuring friend of the show Bryan Q. Miller. Check them out here!

Talking Vinyl

Talking Vinyl: There’s a really cool event every other week here in Jackson, MS called Afternoon Vinyl that’s based out of one of the cooler coffee shops in town. The basis of the event is that a local person (mostly musicians) bring in some of their favorite pieces of vinyl and talk about their picks. That’s pretty much the premise of the show, too. We talk to the host of the day, get to know them, and talk about some of their favorite records. It’s a good time, so check it out here!


Comics of Doom: Now defunct, Comics of Doom was the official comic book podcast of Geeks of Doom. It was a lot of fun and featured myself, Justin Vactor, Chris McDavid, and Willie Gillis. A lot of back and forth, and a lot of comics. We interviewed several of our favorite comic book creators. Sadly, I think we all burned out on it, but overall, it was a blast to do, and it was worth checking out, which you can grab a few of the episodes here!


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