The Season of the Pumpkin Has Arrived! + Ginger Snaps

Rejoice! Rejoice! The pumpkin is here! In my world, the Halloween season has officially started as of September 17. So, as per usual, I’ll be attempting to making this site a Halloween Wonderland. I’m looking to bring back the cheap DIY yard decorations this year, as well as plenty of other goodies including the Morning Movie/Movie of the Day deal that I had going last year, so make sure to follow all of my social media sites (namely Facebook and Instagram, really) for all of the smaller things like pictures and songs and such.

Anyway, let’s start this off right with the Movie of the Day, Ginger Snaps!

Ginger Snaps

I’ve never seen this movie, but apparently it has werewolves in it, so I plan on watching it tonight. It looks like a teen movie, and it’s probably pretty terrible (that tag line is hilariously awful), but who cares? Werewolves are cool, and this should be an easy, fun way to start the season off right. This movie is available on Hulu+, so add it to your queue today! (more…)


Current Comic Books That I Like

multiveristyI’ve been out of the comic reading lifestyle for a few months now. Maybe even close to a year, in fact. I had mega burnout. The New 52 was getting to me, Marvel was doing their reboot thing, as well. Indie stuff that I normally like to be in small doses like mini-series and such became massive, and it just became all too much to process.

So I stopped. I stopped after Grant Morrison’s run with Batman, and the last comics I bought, dreadfully, were the awful Villains month 3D covers that DC was doing. I was gone. Poof. Vamoose. Until recently. Over the past few weeks since I’ve moved and started getting settled (still looking for a job, btw, if any of you are hiring managers or whatever in the Jackson, MS area), and I decided it was time to start reading again. In fact, I’m glad I did. I went into Comics Commander the other week when Multiversity came out, and I pretty much fell in love. The guys were cool, nice, helpful, and well stocked, so I came back, and I’m glad I did.

Also, I’m starting to get my review game back up and running, so I’ll finally be re-associating myself with the fine folks at Geeks of Doom, my home away from home, and that’s allowed me to also read stuff that I wasn’t able to for a while, or that I just missed because I was moving and whatnot. Anyway, before I go too far down those roads, let’s just go over some newer comics that are absolutely killer, and I will tell you exactly why they are killer.


The Wolf Lives… On Netflix

werewolves and stuffI’ve kind of been obsessing over werewolves over the past however long, but quite honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to werewolf stories on film. What’s really tickled my fancy have been stories from folklore from the likes of Native Americans, Norse mythology, etc. The stories rooted in truth are what really get me to start thinking.

But the other day, I was browsing Netflix, and I just got the hair to check out what movies they have on werewolves. So, I decided to throw a little list together in honor of the impending All Hallow’s Eve, as well as just to make a reference point for the wolf movies I want to watch in the coming weeks. (Note: I haven’t watched but a couple of episodes of the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove, but it appears to be wolf-centric as well.) So, join me in the Wolf Den, and let’s see what there is to see!


Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 9/12/2014 (Danzig-y edition)


In an earlier post, I noted that I have been writing music with my wife, and to be specific, I’m writing a lot of guitar parts. If you know me at all, this should be hilarious to you because I have no idea how to play a guitar, but I’ve picked up some stuff along the way, I guess, and I’m actually digging what we’re doing. However, the most bizarre thing about this is what’s influencing me currently, and that’s really what’s making this stuff interesting to me.

I love Glenn Danzig. I adore him. I think he’s both wonderful and hilarious, and I love his voice, so everything I’m writing, I imagine the Danzig voice over what I’m playing, but my wife doesn’t sing like that, so it’s super cool. Anyway, these bands all have that Danzig flair to them, and I am loving these songs very much at this point in my life.

As always, featured artists are after the jump! (more…)

Familiar Places, New Faces

10340065_10101897900584195_3041099210609528423_nWell, despite my previous entries and determination, I’m not in New York. I’m actually back in the place where I grew up, which is both unfortunate and fortunate. I’m looking to start some sort of business while also trying to find some sort of job down here. It’s not the easy situation to be in, but we’re mostly good. Coming back here after over a decade away is kind of bizarre. Friends I’ve had pretty much my entire life kinda don’t know the person I’ve become over that time, but it’s still good to be around a decent amount of people that actually care about you.

There are other things, too, actually. Awesome things, in fact. My wife and I are, for the first time, actually doing something together musically, which is so incredible. I’ve always wanted to do stuff like this, but I’ve either not had the tools, or I’ve not been taken seriously as a collaborator. Also, I’ve done some actual, honest to God graphic design work, but I’m really looking forward to doing more of that, but it’s just a tough business to crack into down here.


Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 4/30/2014 (My So-Called Punk Edition)

Weekly Spotify PlaylistI’ve been reading My So-Called Punk  by Matt Diehl, which chronicles a bit of the history of punk rock through the 70s and 80s into the neo-punk explosion of the mid-90s to present, over the past couple of weeks, and I got in my head to try to mirror the books exploration of punk rock hardcore, pop-punk, and faux punk with a Weekly Spotify Playlist. Brilliant idea, let me tell you!

This playlist took me about 3 hours to curate, and I feel disgusting for putting a Good Charlotte song on this site, but the guy talked a lot about them. Oh crap, I forgot about The Ataris (groans…) brb. Okay, I got it.

While I don’t love all of the music on this playlist by any means, I feel like it’s a pretty accurate playlist chronicling the same things that My So-Called Punk chronicles. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but remember that I haven’t had a blast reading this book.

Any way, as always, the 8 billion featured artists will be featured after the break. Enjoy? Maybe?


Youth Code is Awesome: You Should Listen To Them

This band is seriously amazing, and they are providing me with a lot of creative ideas for future projects. I love them, but I haven’t really checked out any of their videos before last night when my wife posted one on Facebook, and it was awesome. Here is “Carried Mask.”

Go to their bandcamp page and buy things. Also, go to their label’s site and buy the vinyl. I know where my next $18 is going!