Youth Code is Awesome: You Should Listen To Them

This band is seriously amazing, and they are providing me with a lot of creative ideas for future projects. I love them, but I haven’t really checked out any of their videos before last night when my wife posted one on Facebook, and it was awesome. Here is “Carried Mask.”

Go to their bandcamp page and buy things. Also, go to their label’s site and buy the vinyl. I know where my next $18 is going!


Coal Chamber; What a Terrible Band

Coal Chamber; What a Terrible BandThere have been a few bands during my lifetime that certain people around me are really into for some reason. These bands have all been of the “currently popular, but not long-lasting in said popularity” brand, and while they might be a flavor of the month, year, or decade, people tend to stand by them and passionately defend any opposition that you might throw their way.

Below you will find a gathering of six groups that people have absolutely loved at one point or another, but for which I have never understood the praise. These bands popularity make absolutely no sense to me. (note: at one point I actually saw something in both Godsmack and Nickelback, and their success makes some sense to me no matter how terrible they are.) (more…)

The Iron Sheik Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech

This is just awesome. I’m currently sitting down and watching the Legends of Wrestling episode about Patriotic Characters on the WWE Network, and the topic of The Iron Sheik came on, and they showed a part of his WWE Hall of Fame speech. It’s so random, crazy, and awesome, but it’s also very emotional seeing his passion for the business. It’s a great clip, so if you’ve got an extra 8-ish minutes, check it out.