#Bingeworthy: Parks and Recreation

In 2015, any person under a certain age with an internet connection and a subscription service has succumbed to the Binge Watch. You know the drill, you either have a couple of days off work, or you stay up at night and watch several episodes of a television show on Netflix or Hulu, and you can’t stop until you’ve finished the series. My wife and I are no different in this aspect. We start a show, and we keep going and going and going. Bingeworthy is a feature on this site dedicated to those shows. Parks and Recreation is one of those shows. It’s completely hilarious, light, and fun, but it’s best feature is its character work and heart. (more…)


Come See The Horror Show(s)!

Horror showsWe all love Netflix. It’s cheap and easy. It’s much less than the average person’s coffee budget (I think?), and it offers hours upon hours of programming for those seeking entertainment, or just a way to kill a few hours. Well, it’s Halloween season, obviously, and we have to keep a look out on horror. It’s hard to narrow down what to watch during this time period, but never fear! Netflix and I have got you covered. And with this entry, we look at television. Oh child! This will keep you busy!

Horror Shows On Netflix (more…)

Wrestlemania XXX Predictions, I Guess

WM XXXI feel like I should talk about tonight’s show, but I really wanted to provide a wrestling themed menu with fun foods and stuff, but Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy pretty much has a lock on that, at least in the snack category. I might throw in hypothetical recipes or food ideas with each match. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, here’s a list of people that I think will win on tonight’s Wrestlemania from New Orleans, LA. Party.

0. Pre-show Tag Team Fatal Four Way for the WWE Tag Team Championship – I want the Real Americans to win. They’re a great team, and Cesaro is the man. He’s the perfect choice for the Andre battle royal, and if he were in that, I don’t think they win, I’d think the Usos would retain. This match is going to be awesome, but no one is going to see it.

0.5 – Recipe Idea: The Invisible Nachos – Create the most wonderfully delicious nachos you can think of with everything that is good. Finish it before the company comes over. It won’t matter because because no one will see it.


8 Things I Want Added To The WWE Network

WWE NetworkFrom the moment the WWE Network was announced, I knew that somehow, someway, I’d be figuratively getting my hands on it. For those that don’t know, the WWE Network is an online streaming and on demand channel that allows access to most of everything that professional wrestling powerhouse WWE has in their vast library. While the WWE Network includes all pay-per views from WCW, ECW, and WWE, it’s missing some things.

Here are several things that I would like to see from the WWE Network.


To: CM Punk, Thanks For Everything – Hunter Camp

PipebombI love professional wrestling for a variety of reasons. It’s silly, funny, dramatic, exciting, and in some spots, absolutely inspiring. Recently, one of my favorite wrestlers, CM Punk, decided that he was done with the WWE, and he left the company. After Monday’s Raw, it became clear that it wasn’t just a storyline, and that CM Punk would not be coming back. For me, I will greatly miss his contribution to the world of wrestling.

It’s not just because he was a great performer, and it’s not just because he was athletically gifted and a truly special speaker on the microphone. CM Punk was a huge inspiration in my life, recently, and it flat out sucks that a.) fans will never get to see him perform again, and b.) that I’ll probably never be able to let him know that he’s impacted me. When I admire someone, or they’ve influenced me in some way, I always try to make it a point to let that person know that they’ve done some serious good in the world, and it’s important for me to let that person know.


True Detective: What In The..?

True DetectiveThis isn’t going to be so much a review or anything of that sort, just a piece to help me wrap my brain around the brilliant HBO show True Detective starting Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

First thing’s first, this show on paper is about two detectives that are trying to solve a crime seemingly based on an occult killing. Cool, I’ve seen that episode of Law & Order: SVU plenty of times, so I can probably handle it, right? Wrong. While at first, the show does follow a bit of a police procedural.. procedure.. it quickly takes a nose dive into something completely different.


Sherlock LIVES!!!


Yes, much like Hunter, Sherlock lives. Unfortunately for me, that’s pretty much where the comparisons end, other than the fact that I’m in love with this show. And honestly, I thought the only way I would be watching this show ever would be as a result of the beauty of Netflix. Much to my surprise, my watching of Downton Abbey and a friend of mine telling me that Sherlock actually comes on PBS under the guise of Masterpiece Mystery, I found out that I actually won’t have to wait forever to see the new season until it randomly appears on Netflix.

However, I was deathly afraid, that since I didn’t know about it that my DVR wouldn’t catch the new episodes. Well, thankfully my DVR knows me better than that and records all Masterpiece programs on PBS. Excellent. All of this backstory is essentially to say that I’ve just watched the new episode, and, unsurprisingly, I absolutely loved it. (more…)