Month: April 2014

Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 4/30/2014 (My So-Called Punk Edition)

Weekly Spotify PlaylistI’ve been reading My So-Called Punk  by Matt Diehl, which chronicles a bit of the history of punk rock through the 70s and 80s into the neo-punk explosion of the mid-90s to present, over the past couple of weeks, and I got in my head to try to mirror the books exploration of punk rock hardcore, pop-punk, and faux punk with a Weekly Spotify Playlist. Brilliant idea, let me tell you!

This playlist took me about 3 hours to curate, and I feel disgusting for putting a Good Charlotte song on this site, but the guy talked a lot about them. Oh crap, I forgot about The Ataris (groans…) brb. Okay, I got it.

While I don’t love all of the music on this playlist by any means, I feel like it’s a pretty accurate playlist chronicling the same things that My So-Called Punk chronicles. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but remember that I haven’t had a blast reading this book.

Any way, as always, the 8 billion featured artists will be featured after the break. Enjoy? Maybe?



Youth Code is Awesome: You Should Listen To Them

This band is seriously amazing, and they are providing me with a lot of creative ideas for future projects. I love them, but I haven’t really checked out any of their videos before last night when my wife posted one on Facebook, and it was awesome. Here is “Carried Mask.”

Go to their bandcamp page and buy things. Also, go to their label’s site and buy the vinyl. I know where my next $18 is going!

Wish List (Things To Get)

wishlistI’ve made a few purchases recently, and I’m currently reading My So-Called Punk by Matt Diehl, but don’t think that I’m not looking out on the horizon to things that I’ve got on my “to obtain” list. I’m also pretty sure that I did this fairly recently, but my desires are much like the Tennessee weather in that they change overnight.

Anyway, below you will find a variety of CDs, books, movies, and other junk for which I currently have a burning desire to own.


BONUS! Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 4/17/14 (Favorite Songs Edition)

Weekly Spotify PlaylistI love music a whole lot, which you should know by now. It pretty much runs my life. Recently, I’ve had a handful of songs strutting through my head over and over again, so I figured the best way to alleviate this is to make a Spotify playlist of all of these songs.

Also, expect a “Side A Friday” playlist tomorrow because I really like that name. Anywho, here are a bunch of songs that I can’t stop thinking about! As always, featured artists are after the break! Enjoy!


Stuff I Need To Read (A Recap Of Recently Purchased Items)

chvrches-the-bones-of-what-you-believeWhile it may appear, based on this title, that this post is all about books I need to read, it’s not. Maybe I should reconsider what I type for headlines, but I don’t think I will because whatever, no one really reads this anyway.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a extra pocketful of change to spend on the rare products that I like to enjoy like music, books, and some other stuff. This is a bit of a recap of the past couple of weeks of new things that I’ve tried.


CHVRCHES: The Bones of What You Believe Vinyl LP – I’ve been listening to this album digitally since last year sometime, and I’m completely in love with it. I knew that this was a necessity to have on vinyl, so it was at the top of my list of TO-BUY records. So, with that extra money I had, my wife and I made a trip to Grimey’s in Nashville because I wanted to check out Grimey’s Too, the used vinyl and book store off shoot of the legendary record store, and I picked up some books there, but I also wanted to check out Grimey’s to see what they had in stock. I stared at the new OFF record, but I still haven’t heard anything off that record yet, so I decided to ask if the record store guy had heard it, he hadn’t, so I asked if they had the CHVRCHES vinyl.


Weekly #Spotify Playlist – 4/14/14 (Stuff I Like Edition)

Weekly Spotify PlaylistIt is the return of the weekly playlist, everyone! All must celebrate! The reason I haven’t been making these recently is mainly because I was listening to the same things over and over again, and there’s only so many times you can post a bunch of Mighty Mighty Bosstones songs like it’s something different.

Anyway, this has all changed because I’ve really been getting into Against Me! lately while also picking up their new one, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, which I highly recommend if you haven’t picked up yet. It’s one of the best all around albums I’ve heard in quite along time. It’s sad, but so very amazing. So, expect to see a lot of that in the coming playlists.

By now, you know the deal. Featured artists are after the break, so put it on shuffle and enjoy yourself!