Month: January 2014

The ‘Greatest Hits’ Conundrum

The Cure Greatest Hits

The greatest hits album from many bands provokes several different reactions from several different people. From a business/label standpoint, it’s either a way for a band to fulfill their contractual obligations without requiring the band to record new music, or it’s a way to say this band was so good and generated so much money for us that we’re going to honor them with an album highlighting their best work/squeezing their fan base for all the money the band is worth. In fans eyes, it’s a way to get an album full of the songs you know from a band without having to buy several albums from their catalog, OR it represents label fan base gouging, a death toll for the band’s creativity, and an annoyance that plagues conversations about a band.

To me, though, it gives fans a perfect stepping stone to explore a band and truly become a fan of their work. (more…)


On Being A Vegetarian

Vegan Pyramid

I’m a vegetarian for a variety of reasons, health, high blood pleasure, my family’s history of heart disease, disgusting antibiotics and steroids that are pumped into animals when they’re being farmed, and the resulting complications of becoming immune to medicine are all there, but one of the primary reasons for me is animal right and not wanting to put myself above other living creatures on the hypothetical food chain when it’s absolutely not necessary.

I’m not a vegan. I don’t have an issue with people thinking that I am, and I fully support the politics of their movement. I whole heartedly agree, in fact. But I don’t feel like I can claim the vegan lifestyle when I will still eat a cake or some chocolate or something. I’m sort of split on the cheese, eggs, and milk thing as it doesn’t involve the death of animal because that’s where my problem mainly lies. I am, however, making it a point to cut back on cheeses, and I’m allergic to eggs, so I don’t really eat a lot of egg related products, anyway. Either way, I do see myself becoming vegan by the end of the year, and a big part of that is what you wear.


Weekly Spotify Playlist – Junior High Edition (1/29/2014)

First and foremost, I have no idea what other people were listening to when I was in junior high. It should be noted that I felt very different than my peers at the time, and going back to make this playlist, I can clearly see a huge reason why that might have been. Most of these songs are completely out of the norm, which, in retrospect, which makes sense and is pretty freaking hilarious. It might seem as though I made a lot of this up, but I tried to make this as accurate as I can remember.

This playlist represents a time in my life when I was approximately in the sixth grade until the ninth grade which was roughly 1995-1999, but I think I’m including some later stuff. The music here was a huge inspiration on who I am currently. If you’ve met me, or are somewhat familiar with my general tastes, this should make a whole lot of sense. Enjoy!

Eleven Historical Headstones

Joey Ramone Headstone

I was gathered amongst some companions earlier, and the topic of comic books and comic book creators came up. One of my favorites, Jack Kirby, was brought up in regards to the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom, and I mentioned that Jack Kirby’s headstone is one of the few I’d want to visit of a, not necessarily pop culture icon or celebrity but more like a historical figure.

This got me thinking, what headstones would I actually want to make a point of visiting before I am placed in front of one, myself. I thought that this might make an interesting look at who I am and what inspired me the most as a human being. Morbid, I know, but it still seems like a decent idea. (more…)

AFI Live @ Marathon Music Works – Nashville, TN


AFI was pretty awesome last night, I have to say. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first time seeing them, and their music catalog is incredibly diverse as their style changes with just about every album that they release. I guess I expected their live style to be somewhat toned down to match the sound of the newest album Burials.

But let me tell you, I’ve never been happier to be wrong in my entire life.