Month: May 2013

Coming Soon: The Most Important Albums of My Life

Music has been a central part of my life as a human walking this planet. It’s taken me through good times and bad times, much like the artform has for many others. And much like many others out there, I have a huge list of albums that mean something special to me, so in the near future I will be making posts about each one of these albums. This series shouldn’t be considered a list of favorites, nor should they be considered as what I view as the pinnacle of music. Each one of these albums means something special to me. They’re personally, and I will be posting on why these albums are personal to me.

So, get prepared, there are at the very least thirty, and I’m not done yet.


Music Video of the Day: Nine Inch Nails – “Head Like A Hole”

The early to mid-nineties were an awakening period for me, musically. I still remember sneaking behind my parents back late at nights to watch shows like 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation on MTV and listen to music my parents wouldn’t let me listen to on my headphones care of Z106’s Planet Z radio program. One of the songs and videos that caught my attention during this time was Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole” off of the band’s 1989 debut album Pretty Hate Machine. If you haven’t ever watched this video, hopefully you’ll see what I saw when I first watch it, and if you have, I hope you enjoy revisiting this brilliant clip. Also, Nine Inch Nails is touring and releasing a new album this year, so there’s that, too. Celebrate!

Music Video of the Day: Public Enemy – “By The Time I Get To Arizona”

Remember how awesome music videos were? Well, this is a perfect example of a group taking a serious topic and applying it to the music video artform. Public Enemy did a lot of really important things, and this is one of the most important ones. Off of their classic  Apocalypse ’91.. The Enemy Strikes Back, here’s “By The Time I Get To Arizona.”

Music Video of the Day: Tool – “Sober”

Remember how awesome music videos were in the 1990s? Artists and directors were just reaching the full potential of the artform before taking it to the level of mini-movies. Everything seemed new, cool, and artistic, especially when they tried to do something different. One of my favorite videos, and songs for that matter, is today’s entry. This was the song that made me love Tool, and the stop motion effects of the movie was something I had never seen before. So, enjoy “Sober” off of Tool’s 1993 breakthrough album Undertow.

Music Video of the Day: Rancid – “Time Bomb”

Don’t you miss music videos? Don’t you miss shows like Yo! MTV Raps, Alternative Nation, and 120 Minutes? I sure do. Where’s Matt Pinfield when you need him, huh? Well, fear not, here at the Post Modern Age, we celebrate the heyday of music videos, and with this series, I give you some of my favorites. And today? Well today is the day that we celebrate one of the greatest additions to the punk revival of the 90s with one of my favorite bands, Rancid and they’re song “Time Bomb” off of 1995’s …And Out Come The Wolves.

My Favorite Music Videos of The 90s: Alternative Rock – Part 1 (1990-1995)

Favorite VideosThe 1990s were a critical time period for my growth as a music fan. It was the era of non-party hip hip, post punk, alternative rock, raves, and metal. I started the decade as a six year old, and as odd as it was when I think about, I was ready to explore the vast world of music. We’ll visit the world of music and its influence on my life in the future, but that’s for another date. Today, we’re starting a series on music videos of the 1990s.

To me, the 90s was the perfect era of music videos. Directors and artists started exploring the art form and finding its true potential, and while that is true, not every video here will be a representation of that fact. No, not at all. Today, I’m exploring some of my favorite music videos of the era. An era that was ripe with coffee shops, strobe lights, and crazy colors, especially within the genre of alternative rock, which we’ll be looking at today. These are songs and videos that stick out to me from that time period, not the most popular, and not the most critically acclaimed. For me, it’s videos and songs that I remember and have a strong affinity towards. I’m dividing this decade (and will probably be doing so in future installments), in the first and second half of the decade, which works perfectly for me because it served as my time before, and during high school. I’ll be trying to steer clear of the typical “greatest” music videos like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Black Hole Sun,” and “Jeremy” as to try and keeps things fresh.

So, let’s get this started with, in no particular order, My Favorite Alternative Rock Music Videos of the 90s!