Month: April 2013

Record Store Day 2013: Most Anticipated Releases

RSDCOM2010vectorIt’s now officially one of the greatest days of the year, here in the Central Time Zone of the United States, and no, I’m not talking about 4/20. Get your minds out of the gutter! It’s Record Store Day!

Record Store Day is the day of the year in which music fans celebrate and support their local, hopefully independent, record stores to buy loads of exclusive or timed exclusive releases from a whole host of recording artists. Most of these releases are vinyl exclusives, which has become more successful with the growth in vinyl appreciation over the past few years.

So what releases am I most excited about? Well, I’ve put together a nice little list here of what I’m looking forward to the most with a small description of why. (more…)


WrestleMania 29 Thoughts

Well, y’know, I wasn’t in love with this WrestleMania. It’s not that it wasn’t good, at all, most of the matches were fantastic, and provided the amount of entertainment that was to be expected with any WrestleMania, and with this one specifically. The only problem was.. well, it was predictable. That’s the right word.

Let’s take a look at each match without too much detail, because you don’t want to read all of that, right? (Ed. note: Too bad, I went into a lot of detail.) (more…)

Thoughts on Kevin Steen’s Loss at Supercard of Honor

As a professional wrestling fan, I live for WrestleMania week. There’s a certain amount of energy in the air regardless of the card. For those that don’t know, most independent promotions schedule loads and loads of events in the city where WrestleMania is held. You’ll typically see events from TNA, Chikara, Ring of Honor and many, many more. And before we get into my WrestleMania post, I’d like to address one of those three, Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor. (more…)